VLRV is an approved service provider for Forest River.

VLRV can provide services for Grand Design, but the client must call Grand Design for a case number before we start the work. For all other manufacturers, the client must pay in full and seek their own reimbursement from the manufacturer, unless arrangements have been made before service.

Please note: VLRV can work on most all components and file claims on the components with the maker of the component - not all claims must go to the manufacturer of the coach. VLRV provides only mobile services. The customer is responsible for all charges not covered by MFG Warranty. This includes but is not limited to service call fees, fuel surcharges, credit card processing fees, shop fees, shipping costs, and disposal fees, as well as the difference in approved labor time vs what the MFG pays. The MFG does not cover issues that arise from lack of maintenance.

VLRV does not do any drive-train work or cosmetic work.

VLRV is an independent business and does not work for the manufacturers.

Yes! It is our pleasure to help you with this process. We will file the claim for you. We work with all aftermarket warranties. Please note: VLRV provides mobile services only; due to this, we do collect a minimum of the service call fee and one hour labor when we serve you. After the claim is filed, you are notified of any reimbursement or amount you will still owe. Inspections are sometimes required from the extended warranty company; in this instance, additional service call fees and labor time is applicable that the warranty company will not cover. You are responsible for these costs.

We do work on insurance claims, but do not generally take payment directly from insurance companies. The customer is responsible for paying the invoice in full.

No. At this time, VLRV only offers mobile services.

In most cases, we offer the same day or next service. If a call for service comes in after 4 PM and insists on same day service, then yes, additional charges apply. Also, any work that needs to be done on the side of the highway incurs additional charges.

We accept the following forms of payment.
Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards (3% processing fee), Venmo, Cash App, and Bitcoin.
Only after a good relationship has been established with a client (meaning we have served them multiple times) will we start accepting checks.

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