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VLRV has a well-trained customer service team that is constantly increasing their knowledge of the RV. They will help you figure out what is going wrong with the component on your coach. When possible, they do their best to get you going without having to send an RV technician out. Why would we do this? We do this because we are your Friends in the RV Business. If we can get you to fix your camper on your own, you will hopefully remember us when you can’t. It is our pleasure to serve you.

VLRV offers a premium service. We come to you in a timely manner to take care of your coach’s needs. We have multiple service trucks running so you do not need to make an appointment weeks in advance. You get to keep the RV in your possession, meet the technicians working on it, and can even watch as the work is being done. If you have questions, please feel free to ask… The VLRV team is excited to help you learn about your RV.

VLRV not only services RVs, we now service horse trailers as well as food trucks.

Services we offer are vast, if your issue is not listed below, please call to inquire about it.

VLRV does NOT perform engine, transmission or drivetrain services on drivable units.

New Services

  • Our trained technicians can help you with maintenance items, diagnostics and repairs of your basement AC.

  • Seal testing is the process of pressurizing the coach and then applying a solution on the outside of the coach to show where any air is escaping from the coach, hence showing any possible places of water intrusion.
  • The VLRV team will then mark these areas to address and do the necessary repairs to prevent further water intrusion

  • This process involves a high-pressure water cleaning of the inside of the black tank to remove all sludge and/or build-up in the tank.

  • The VLRV team will work closely with you to determine what is needed to best suit your needs when you need off-grid power.

  • Maintenance – Our trained technicians will blow all debris out of the unit, clean and straighten the fins of the evaporator and condenser coils. If accessible, check to see if the plenum is taped up properly to prevent short cycling.
  • Repair – Some parts of the AC unit are replaceable such as the fan motor and blower wheel, capacitors, control boards and such.
  • Replace – If the unit has lost its coolant or the compressor has stopped working, unfortunately, it does require full replacement.

  • Maintenance – The furnace can be removed, and all the components cleaned. Sometimes this can become necessary if it is full of dirt dauber nests.
  • Repair – When the furnace is not working, There are different parts that could be causing the issue. Our customer service team will ask you a list of questions to help narrow down the problem prior to the technician coming out.
  • Replace – It is not often that we see where a furnace needs full replacement, but if needed, we can handle that as well.

  • Maintenance – It is a good idea to flush the water heater at least once a year, but, sometimes it may need it more often. It is important to not let a lot of sediment build up In the water heater, it can cause damage to the tank.
  • Repair – If your water heater is not working, the customer service team will go through a list of questions and help narrow down what the issue is prior to sending out our technicians.
  • Replace – The water heater does need to be replaced if the tank has cracked. You may decide you would like to have more water and upgrade to a tankless, On Demand water heater. We can do water heater replacement.

  • Maintenance – The most important thing for the refrigerator is air flow. Making sure the baffling is installed correctly, making sure the fans are working and that your refrigerator is not over packed will help the refrigerator cool at its optimal level. Also removing dauber screens will improve the air moving across the back of the refrigerator to pull the heat out.
  • Repair – As with the other components of the coach, VLRV’s customer service agents will go through a battery of questions to help figure out why your refrigerator isn’t working prior to our technicians coming out.
  • Replace – Whether it is just a cooling unit replacement or full refrigerator replacement, VLRV can handle the job.

  • Maintenance and repair services are available for this type of system as well.
  • Please note: When repairing one of these systems after it is a few years old, it is very possible to replace one part and then another to fail shortly thereafter. This does not mean that VLRV did not do a proper repair. All new charges are applicable each time we need to go out for service.

  • VLRV’s Trained technicians will come to you in a timely manner to diagnose your issues. If you need to get back on the road quickly, we will get you mobile. Our three service trucks are well stocked, but it is impossible to have every part on our trucks. The technicians work with the VLRV Customer Service Team to retrieve parts and get your camper fixed as quickly as possible.

  • Awning repair – Awning stuck or not working, our CSR team will help you get it going or send a technician out to serve you.
  • Collapsed Awning – We can secure or remove your awning if it has collapsed. We will even gather the information you will need if you want to replace it now or later. Please keep in mind that if the awning has collapsed, we do recommend full replacement. The reason being that you may not always see the complete damage caused. If new parts are installed with old parts, the awning may not operate as it did originally.
  • Awning replacement – The VLRV Team can help you find the right awning to suit your needs and install it for you.
  • Awning Fabric Replacement – Whether you want to replace the fabric with the original manufacturer fabric or consider other options, we can assist you with this.
  • Slide Topper Installation – New installation of a slide topper has advantages for your slide out, such as helping prevent water intrusion at the slide out as well as protecting the top of the slide out. No more cleaning the top of the slide out before you close it. We can help.
  • Slide Topper Fabric Replacement – We always have black and white fabric available to install, no need to wait for it to ship from the factory.

  • The VLRV Technicians have vast knowledge of the electrical systems on your coach. In many cases, an electrical will manifest itself as a component issue but it will actually end up being an electrical issue. Most common electrical issues are tripped GFCI outlets, weak batteries, a bad converter/inverter, or transfer switch. Give the customer service center a call and they will help you narrow down what you have going on.

  • We can assist you with all three water systems on your coach. The city water (pressurized system), your waste system and your fresh water or “on board” water system. This does include toilets, holding tanks, water pumps and wet bays.

  • We can assist you with replacing damaged axels, upgrading your suspension and leaf springs, replacing bearings, drums and brakes, as well as replacing your tires if you need us to.

  • We offer roof checks, roof seal updates, UV protectant applications and general maintenance for the roof. During the roof check, our technician will look over all the components on the roof and take pictures of any issues they see so you can make good decisions about how to proceed.
  • VLRV does not do roof rebuilds or roof repair due to water damage.

  • We will install most accessories, just call to inquire with a customer service representative.

Don’t see a service listed, please call to inquire about it. Thank you for letting us serve you. Your Friends in the RV Business.

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